How To Start Homesteading

Modern homesteads come in all different shapes and sizes from 100 acres off the grid to an abandoned city lot, from pastured pigs and a dairy cow to planter boxes on a fire escape.  The main thing that ties all these homesteaders together is the desire to do things for themselves and to live a more natural life. 

For us, our desire to homestead sprang from an interest in living a healthy life and a need to cut costs and save money.  We found that starting small and doing a lot of research was the easiest way to get going and even now that we are a few years in we are still adding new projects and researching new topics. 

Each week I link my blog posts up with the Homestead Barn Hop.  This is a weekly list of homestead themed posts.  It’s a great place to look for new ideas, get some advice, and meet some pretty awesome homesteaders.  I’ve learned so much from reading blogs, it’s a great way to see how real people are giving homesteading a try. 

We started with some simple goals and from there made a list of potential projects.  We started by canning “pick your own” apples and slowly added tomato sauce, salsa, a variety of jams, and pickles.  Our garden started out as a few pots of herbs and continues to grow each year.  I found that once I got the hang of one thing it was time to take it a step farther. 

Of course, you could always buy a few acres off the grid and just jump right in…

If you have any questions about homesteading ask away in the comments! I’d love to help you get started on this crazy and rewarding adventure. 


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