Cloth By Kailyn

If you’ve taken a look around the blog or our Facebook page than you’ll know that I am pretty much in love with cloth diapers.  Good for baby, good for the environment, good for my wallet its a win-win-win situation and I’m hooked.  I was lucky enough to have some awesome mamas in my life that taught me the ins and outs (hehe) of cloth diapering and since then I’ve been looking for ways to pass it on to others.  And so… I’m excited to announce that I have become a consultant and educator with Squigglybugs.

Yes, cloth diapers are so exciting we throw parties for them (well, about them really).  And not just diapers but also baby-wearing, natural and homeopathic remedies, mama cloth…all kinds of fun stuff.
newbusinesscardYou’ll notice that I said consultant and educator.  That’s because it’s not about making money (though that is a nice bonus) it’s about teaching people natural ways to care for their baby.

When you purchase through my site or through a party that I am hosting you not only get awesome products but you get me! your very own consultant.  I’m available to answer any questions, give demonstrations, and help you troubleshoot…for FREE. Consider me your personal diaper fairy.

Check out the link above to see and learn more about our products (including the top names in cloth diapers and baby carriers) and start asking those questions!

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