Scenes From the Homestead: Spring

Things are full steam ahead on the homestead lately.  Then again, aren’t they always?  The biggest garden we’ve ever planted is in and growing strong.  There is definitely a lot of work to do on it but it’s come a long way from a couple pots of herbs growing on the front steps.

Our bucket potato experiment is going well.  They are growing right over the top of the buckets now and they have been super easy to take care of.  I can’t wait to see how many potatoes we get this fall.

My little Matilda is growing up faster than I’d like to admit.  We’ve already got her helping out, in true farm kid fashion.  Most chores take about 10 times longer with her assistance but we’re teaching some valuable lessons along the way.

The list of projects is growing as always. We just purchased a new (to us) chicken coop that we are turning into a moveable coop and run.  The master plan is to be able to move it from spot to spot so that the chickens have fresh grass to eat.  I also became a consultant and educator with Diaper Parties and I am loving the opportunities to teach families about cloth diapering and natural baby care.

Winter prep never ends.  There is fire wood to split and stack and in no time at all there will be produce to can and freeze.  It is going to be a very busy spring and summer but come winter we’ll be happy we worked so hard…What have you been up to this spring?


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