The Ultimate Nighttime Diaper

If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile now than you know that nighttime diapers have been a bit of a sore subject for us.  We have tried many different options and just recently discovered what I like to call “The Ultimate Nighttime Diaper”.

It’s super absorbent without being uncomfortably thick and that is pure magic.  Every other option we’ve tried has either been trim but not absorbent or absorbent but so bulky that no pajama bottoms in the history of pajama bottoms can contain it.

And so without further ado, I give you “The Ultimate Nighttime Diaper”.

The “Ingredients”

1 flour sack towel: I buy these at Target for like $3.50 a 4 pack. They are in with the dish towels and bar mops (whatever those are).  No, they are not made to be a diaper but trust me they work.  They are 100% cotton, thin as paper, and hold so much water (or not water in this case).

1 square of fleece:  These are just strips from an old fleece blanket and look like garbage but they are my little secret.  The fleece pulls moisture away from the edges of the diaper and single handedly saved our cloth diapering journey, seriously.

1 diaper cover:  We like Flips by BumGenius but there are bunch of great companies out there.  Just please, please, don’t use “made in China” diapers or covers.  The U.S. has specific standards that China doesn’t have. The materials used in China made diapers / covers can end up being very dangerous to your child’s health. Please do your research and make sure you know what your diapers are made of!

1 hemp insert:  We use Thirsties Hemp Inserts, but I have heard good things about a few other brands.  Hemp is the key material so make sure that you have hemp as the main fiber.  Hemp is ultra absorbent but without being super bulky.

Putting it all Together:

1.  Fold the flour sack towel in half and in half again.

2. Lay the hemp insert on one side and fold the towel over it (a hemp insert sandwich, if you will)

3.  Put the towel insert sandwich inside the diaper cover.  I love that Flips have the edges that you can tuck inserts into, they really help hold the whole thing together.

4.  Place the fleece square towards the top / center of the diaper

That’s it! This combo has kept Tilly dry and comfortable each night that we have used it.  While it has gotten a good bit heavier during the night she hasn’t had any leaks or weird bunching.

Hope this helps solve your nighttime diaper problems!  What other suggestions might you have?

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