No Technology Night

Recently Ian and I decided that we were spending entirely too much time on our computers and netflix. We found that once we were finished with our nightly tasks that we would sit down on opposite sides of the couch and be “busy” on our computers until it was time to go to sleep.
Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of important, useful things that we use our computers for (This blog and Diaper Parties are two great examples) but there is also a lot of not so important or useful things that we like to use our computers for.
We decided that while we would still continue to use our computers for those useful, important things we would cut back on the amount of time that we spent with them.   We came up with a master plan entitled “No Technology Night”.

No Technology Night is Wednesday night at our house and from the time we get home from work on through the night our computers stay off and put away.   We go about our usual evening routine of dinner, homestead chores, and prep for the next day and then instead of sitting down on our computers we sit down with each other.  The past few weeks we’ve tuned the radio to the Red Sox game and played a few rounds of dominos before heading to bed.

You know what…I haven’t missed my computer! We have had a great time talking, laughing and enjoying a little friendly domino competition.  It is such a nice break in the middle of the week and come Thursday I feel refreshed, its just the thing to get us ready for the end of our week.

Do you have a “No Technology Night” at your house?


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