5 Ways to Keep Healthy This Fall

It’s back to school time folks, well unless you work at a year-round school like us then it’s always back to school time. With both Ian and I working at a school and with Tilly in day care we are exposed to every bug, cold, and virus that comes around.  I’ve done a lot of research on immune support and natural remedies and that paired with a healthy diet of real food has kept us going.  Here are 5 simple ways to get healthy and stay healthy this fall! 

Immune Boosting Gummies: I wrote the recipe for these last year (HERE) and I still make them from time to time.  They are a great way to boost little immune systems and taste so good that it’s really more like dessert! 

A Good Nights Sleep: Getting enough sleep is so important to your health and wellness.  If you are having a hard time falling asleep at night try cutting back on “screen” time right before bed. We use lavender essential oil rubbed into our feet when we know that we could use some extra rest.  We also use the lavender oil mixed with coconut oil for Tilly when she is having a hard time settling down at night. 

Activated Charcoal: After an awful round of stomach bug I did some serious research and settled on activated charcoal as a natural solution.  We started taking it shortly after I got a second round of the bug and I recovered way faster and Ian never got sick! Its not recommended for little ones so we gave Tilly extra doses of elderberry syrup and she didn’t get sick either.  I was so relieved!

Tummy Troubles Tea: I love this tea (RECIPE) for all sorts of stomach ailments.  It aids digestion, settles upset stomachs, and relieves gas pain.  The best part about this tea is that it is perfect for young children, I used it in place of gas drops for Tilly when she was as young as 2 months old and it was a huge help. 

Bone Broth: There is a lot of truth in the old “chicken soup when you are sick” tale.  Chicken or beef broth has all kinds of wonderful immune boosting power.  Its also a great first food if you’ve been sick as it can be sipped slowly to give you energy while being really easy to digest and easy on the stomach.  I use my crock pot to make broth after roasting a chicken, you can get the recipe HERE.

What tips do you have for staying healthy? Pop on over to our Facebook page to join the conversation or visit our Pinterest boards for more recipes and inspiration! 

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