Camping in Cloth Diapers

This past weekend we took a little family vacation.  We headed up to New York for a camping adventure, and it was great!  Now, I could have left the cloth at home and brought disposables for the weekend.  I know this is pretty common among cloth diapering families on vacation but I wanted to see how cloth diapering on a camping trip really was….turns out it’s just about the same as at home!

As for diapers, we brought along our BumGenius 4.0s, flour sack towels, and Thirsties Hemp Inserts.  We decided to use disposable wipes, though now that I think about it cloth would have worked just fine.  We also used disposable night time diapers since our usual nighttime diapers are a little bit trickier.  

We used the hemp inserts for the long drives and never had a single leak! In fact, we were leak free the whole trip.  We changed her on a typical schedule of every 3 hours, unless it was clear she needed a change before that.  The wipes we tossed in the trash and the diapers we kept stuffed (4.0s are pockets) in our wet dry bags.   We kept one wet bag in the cabin that held our dirty diapers and one in our diaper bag that we would use when we were out and about.  The system worked great! The cabin didn’t smell, the car didn’t smell, you would never had known we had dirty diapers with us.

The first thing I did when we got home was give all the diapers a good rinsing before starting our usual wash routine.  Since BumGenius recommends bleaching once a month, I went ahead and did that as well.  I dried them in the sun to brighten them up (which i usually do anyway) and they look as good as new.

Have you ever been camping with cloth diapers?

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