Scenes From the Homestead: Fall

The weather here has been so wacky lately.  Its been generally much warmer than I’m used to this time of year.  It’s made it really hard to get in the fall spirit when I’m still wearing short sleeves to work most days.  None the less, we managed to stay busy and find some fall fun.

Tilly had lots of fun going on a hayride and picking out a pumpkin.  We brought the one she chose home and painted it (think abstract art).  In a week or so we’ll have some sensory fun with the pumpkin guts before feeding it to the chickens.

We took another fall field trip to the orchard to pick apples.  We came home with 45 pounds of apples which, after a few late nights, we canned as apple sauce.  I’m hoping that lasts us through the winter but seeing as I just popped open our second jar, I’m doubtful we’ll make it that long.  What can I say? We take our apple sauce very seriously, it’s pretty much it’s own food group.

A random cold snap (love that New England weather) forced me to pull my tomatoes before a lot of them were green.  We decided to test out an old wives tale that putting them in with an apple will cause them to ripen and it seems to be working.  I only have a few more tomatoes left to turn red and then it will be time can them all up.  We are planning on canning plain tomato puree this year so that we can use it in different sauces and soup.  

What is fall without a corn maze? We visited a local corn maze with friends and had a great time searching for all the clues to complete a dog themed puzzle.  It was a lot of fun and we even had some chilly fall weather for the day so we could wear our sweaters (and take more authentic looking pictures).   

*What has your family been up to this fall? 

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