Preparing Chickens for Winter

This summer we moved our chickens to a portable coop with a fenced in run.  We had enjoyed having them free range but had lost several to predators and the easter egg hunt every morning was getting old.   For the summer, we parked the coop in the shade under some pine trees out behind the house.  This was a great location for them because it stayed cool under the trees all day.  They also had lots of space to run around.

We adopted 4 new younger hens from a friend who’s flock had gotten larger than she needed.  With winter coming and the new little ones joining us we knew it was time to relocated the ladies.
The coop is on wheels so we kept the chickens in one day and then pulled them to their new home.  We set them up right next to the woodshed.  This spot gets full sun in the morning and the shed helps to block the wind so it’s much warmer.  We also added a piece of plywood to the bottom of the coop (it is just wire screen) to help keep it warm at night. 

We set up a run around the coop for the ladies but kept it a bit smaller for the winter.  Our plan is to add some snow fencing across the top so that hawks won’t be tempted to fly in since that has been a problem in the past. The winter spot is also much closer to the house which makes it easier for us to keep an eye on them and we can even run an extension cord from the shed to keep their water dish thawed.

How do you prepare your animals for winter?


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