Potty Learning or Training with Cloth


“Cloth diapered babies potty train faster”

Or so the old wives (or is it wise?) tales goes and perhaps there is some truth to it.  You see, cloth diapers allow a baby to feel that they are wet a little bit more than disposable diapers do.  Over time the baby begins to associate going potty with feeling wet and that can make learning to use the potty easier since that is one connection that has already been made.

Now, sure there are lots of other factors and it definitely isn’t a sure fire way to get your child to use the potty but I took a little survey of my Squigglybugs consultants and got the sense that they considered the use of cloth as a help in getting their child potty-ing like a big kid…and let’s face it we all need a little help.

Our little Matilda is now 27 months old (yikes! that was fast) and completely potty trained.  She wears a simple diaper cover with a hemp insert to bed at night but most mornings wakes up dry (we’re working on eliminating those too) but during the day (even out and at day care) she wears real-deal big girl underpants…and I mean big the smallest size Target had was 2t/3t and there is definitely “room to grow”.


To teach Tilly to use the potty we started by bringing home a little potty chair and talking a lot about going potty.  Any time we changed her diaper we would point out that she had gone potty “Your diaper is wet, you went potty in your diaper” and so on.  They started doing the same thing at day care and then added bringing her to sit on the potty before her scheduled diaper changes.  Once she started using the potty occasionally we invested in cloth trainers.  These are like disposable pull ups but way more cost effective, look and feel more like underpants (making the switch to underpants that much easier).  After another week or so of keeping those dry we switched to underpants and have never looked back.

Rumor has it that boys tend to use the potty a bit later than girls so that may have factored into it but I definitely think the cloth diapers and trainers played a big role too.

*The cloth diapers and cloth trainers that I talked about in this post are available at Squigglybugs

Did cloth help your child learn to use the potty?


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