2.16.15 Meal Plan

Our snow count us up around 3 ft with more falling as I type this.  I’ve been posting pictures on our facebook page so hop on over and place your bets on when we’ll ever dig out. Ha! I wrote that last week and its still the same today, the only difference is that we’re up to about 4 ft.  and I’m now convinced I will never see my garden again.  I’ll try and link up recipes when I have them and you can check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas and inspiration.
Breakfasts: We have a variety of breakfast items kicking around the house and pick and choose as we go.  This week we have yogurt, cereal, and homemade bagels.

Lunches: I typically pack our lunches the night before.  Most of the time it is leftovers from dinners but some of our other favorites include, english muffin pizzas, quesadillas, crackers and hummus, and sandwiches. For toddler lunch ideas, check this out.

Dinners: I plan these out one for each night.  Typically we’ll have a “breakfast for dinner” night once a week and at least one “meatless meal”.  I try to stick to traditional real food (no food dyes, artificial coloring, flavoring, or sweeteners)  I also try to make as much from scratch as possible, it is cheaper that way and I can control the type and source of my ingredients.

Note: Tilly eats the same things we do because 1. I don’t want to make extra work for myself and 2. I want her to be exposed to lots of different flavors and textures.  I just make sure things are cut into pieces she can handle.
Week of 02/16/15
Monday: Turkey melts on fresh baked bread, home canned pickles and salad
Tuesday:  Pumpkin waffles with homemade yogurt and raisins
Wednesday: Chicken sausage patties with italian veggie cous cous

Thursday:  Fish and chips with salad
Friday: Puppy party with friends! *we’ll grab sandwiches and picnic it while the dogs play

Saturday: Breakfast egg rolls (I have wrappers left over from last week) 

Sunday:  Hamburger stew with homemade bread and cheese   

What are you serving up this week? and feel free to leave me some encouraging “Winter will end soon” words of wisdom…I could really use some!

One thought on “2.16.15 Meal Plan

  1. Looks Great! I love the concept of cooking from scratch and am trying to eat as little processed food as possible while maintaining my budget. Thanks for the great ideas, I found your post on Homemade Mondays!


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