3 Ways to Save Money With Kids

Everyone always says that kids are expensive, and to some extent they are right.  But, raising children doesn’t have to be quite as expensive as its made out to be.  Here are 3 ways that we save money on all that ‘stuff’ that kids need.


1. Cloth Diapers

The average family spends $2500 on disposable diapers for one child…That is a lot of money going right into the landfill! Switching to cloth diapers can easily save you $2000 dollars or more! Plus, since they are reusable, you can use them on future children and save even more.  I love being an educator and consultant with Squigglybugs, teaching people how to save money, help the environment, and naturally care for their little ones is a huge passion of mine.  If you want a hand switching to cloth or have any questions please email me at DiaperPartiesbyKailyn@gmail.com or visit our facebook page.


2. Consignment Sales

A few moms got together and started a large (twice a year) kids consignment sale that happens locally for us.  These big consignment sales take place all over the country though so go ahead and google “kids consignment sale in _______” and see what you find! I absolutely love these sales and find amazing deals on clothes, gear, toys and everything else you can possibly need for little ones.  I’ve even started consigning Tilly’s old stuff so this past fall I managed to walk away from the sale having broke even…that’s right I got all of Tilly’s fall and winter clothes / gear and a few presents for her birthday and Christmas for FREE! It does take a little work to get items ready to sell but that time was so worth it.  Our big spring sale (Be Green Consignment Sale) is coming up next weekend and I can’t wait!

3. Library Trips

We love our local library! We usually try and plan a trip every two weeks so that we can return books and pick out new ones.  The kids room in our library has a ton of great books as well as puzzles, blocks, felt toys and perfect little kid sized furniture.  Tilly loves going and I love that it’s a free way to spend an afternoon, especially this winter when the weather was often bad.  We always bring home a few books that we keep upstairs in Tilly’s room for bedtime, it keeps our bedtime routine fresh and gives her something to look forward to, which has helped to make bedtime quite a bit smoother.

How do you save money? I’d love it if you shared your ideas in the comments below

*This post contains an affiliate link for Diaper Parties by Squigglybugs, if you choose to place an order I’d appreciate it if you listed Kailyn Shippee as your consultant as it helps fund our homesteading adventure. Thank you! 


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