Are China Cheapies a Safe Cloth Diaper Choice?


Have you ever heard the phrase “China Cheapies”?  It’s commonly used in cloth diapering groups to describe very inexpensive diapers that are made in China.  Now you know that I’m all about saving money and finding good deals, but there is more to these diapers than meets the eye.

Most brands of cloth diaper are either made in the US or made internationally while following the US Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations.  Specifically, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act which regulates products designed for children.  This act includes cloth diapers and requires testing for lead, phthalates, durability, and safety.

The brands that are called “China Cheapies” aren’t tested to meet these standards.  (You can see a list of companies that don’t meet these standards HERESo while you may be getting a “great deal” on them,  you are also bringing diapers that may have lead and other not safe chemicals into your home (and putting them on your baby!) LEAD ya’ll, no way am I playing with that.

There are other issues with purchasing brands like these.  There isn’t any quality control so you could quickly end up with leaks, bad elastics, and broken snaps.  I love that my cloth diaper stash will easily diaper a second child and maintain some resale value.  I would hate to spend money on them only to have them not work.  They also often don’t have any sort of warranty so getting your money back on those faulty diapers is pretty impossible.


I love teaching people about cloth diapering, in general it is better for the baby, better for the environment, and better for your wallet…but these “China Cheapies” are giving cloth a bad name.  There are so many safe, ethical diaper brands out there who do some serious good for this world and their business is suffering because companies are taking advantage of people and selling unsafe, faulty diapers.  I won’t give them my money and I hope you won’t either.

*Want to purchase your cloth diapers from a company that does all the ‘double checking” for you? All of the diaper brands that we carry at Squigglybugs are safe, compliant, and easy to use.  The owners and consultants are all moms and these are the brands that we put on our own children!

Stay tuned for part 2 and to find out how to safely cloth diaper on a budget!

*Questions about cloth diapering? Please ask either here or on my facebook page I’d love to help!


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