Ditch the Disposables – Earth Day Challenge


Some of the awesomest (yes that’s a word) brands in cloth diapers have joined together to host a “Make Cloth Mainstream” challenge for Earth Day.  I’ve jumped on board and even though I don’t have a little one in diapers I’ve challenged myself to look for ways to ditch the other disposable things in our lives (paper towels, plastic bags, etc.)  SO…


Join us! 

If you have a little diaper wearer consider making a switch to cloth diapers, if you already cloth diaper part time than try and go full time.  I’m here to help answer any questions you might have, point you in the direction of brands / products to try out, and if you live local you can even borrow some of my diapers!  Visit my Diaper Parties page for more detailed information about cloth diapers and why you should give them a try.


If you are past the diaper stage consider ditching some other disposables.  Trade out paper towels for cloth, plastic bags for storage containers or reusable grocery bags, you could even ditch the to-go cups for a travel mug! Every little bit makes a positive impact on the environment and on your wallet.


Head on over to our facebook page and tell us how you are ditching the disposables! We’ll be sharing information for the next 3 weeks to help and we’d love it if you posted updates and questions for us too.

Let’s ditch the disposables and #MakeClothMainstream !


3 Ways to Save Money With Kids

Everyone always says that kids are expensive, and to some extent they are right.  But, raising children doesn’t have to be quite as expensive as its made out to be.  Here are 3 ways that we save money on all that ‘stuff’ that kids need.


1. Cloth Diapers

The average family spends $2500 on disposable diapers for one child…That is a lot of money going right into the landfill! Switching to cloth diapers can easily save you $2000 dollars or more! Plus, since they are reusable, you can use them on future children and save even more.  I love being an educator and consultant with Squigglybugs, teaching people how to save money, help the environment, and naturally care for their little ones is a huge passion of mine.  If you want a hand switching to cloth or have any questions please email me at DiaperPartiesbyKailyn@gmail.com or visit our facebook page.


2. Consignment Sales

A few moms got together and started a large (twice a year) kids consignment sale that happens locally for us.  These big consignment sales take place all over the country though so go ahead and google “kids consignment sale in _______” and see what you find! I absolutely love these sales and find amazing deals on clothes, gear, toys and everything else you can possibly need for little ones.  I’ve even started consigning Tilly’s old stuff so this past fall I managed to walk away from the sale having broke even…that’s right I got all of Tilly’s fall and winter clothes / gear and a few presents for her birthday and Christmas for FREE! It does take a little work to get items ready to sell but that time was so worth it.  Our big spring sale (Be Green Consignment Sale) is coming up next weekend and I can’t wait!

3. Library Trips

We love our local library! We usually try and plan a trip every two weeks so that we can return books and pick out new ones.  The kids room in our library has a ton of great books as well as puzzles, blocks, felt toys and perfect little kid sized furniture.  Tilly loves going and I love that it’s a free way to spend an afternoon, especially this winter when the weather was often bad.  We always bring home a few books that we keep upstairs in Tilly’s room for bedtime, it keeps our bedtime routine fresh and gives her something to look forward to, which has helped to make bedtime quite a bit smoother.

How do you save money? I’d love it if you shared your ideas in the comments below

*This post contains an affiliate link for Diaper Parties by Squigglybugs, if you choose to place an order I’d appreciate it if you listed Kailyn Shippee as your consultant as it helps fund our homesteading adventure. Thank you! 

Potty Learning or Training with Cloth


“Cloth diapered babies potty train faster”

Or so the old wives (or is it wise?) tales goes and perhaps there is some truth to it.  You see, cloth diapers allow a baby to feel that they are wet a little bit more than disposable diapers do.  Over time the baby begins to associate going potty with feeling wet and that can make learning to use the potty easier since that is one connection that has already been made.

Now, sure there are lots of other factors and it definitely isn’t a sure fire way to get your child to use the potty but I took a little survey of my Squigglybugs consultants and got the sense that they considered the use of cloth as a help in getting their child potty-ing like a big kid…and let’s face it we all need a little help.

Our little Matilda is now 27 months old (yikes! that was fast) and completely potty trained.  She wears a simple diaper cover with a hemp insert to bed at night but most mornings wakes up dry (we’re working on eliminating those too) but during the day (even out and at day care) she wears real-deal big girl underpants…and I mean big the smallest size Target had was 2t/3t and there is definitely “room to grow”.


To teach Tilly to use the potty we started by bringing home a little potty chair and talking a lot about going potty.  Any time we changed her diaper we would point out that she had gone potty “Your diaper is wet, you went potty in your diaper” and so on.  They started doing the same thing at day care and then added bringing her to sit on the potty before her scheduled diaper changes.  Once she started using the potty occasionally we invested in cloth trainers.  These are like disposable pull ups but way more cost effective, look and feel more like underpants (making the switch to underpants that much easier).  After another week or so of keeping those dry we switched to underpants and have never looked back.

Rumor has it that boys tend to use the potty a bit later than girls so that may have factored into it but I definitely think the cloth diapers and trainers played a big role too.

*The cloth diapers and cloth trainers that I talked about in this post are available at Squigglybugs

Did cloth help your child learn to use the potty?

Diaper Parties Black Friday 2014

I love being a consultant and educator for Diaper Parties, it’s an incredible opportunity for me to teach others about cloth diapering, babywearing, and natural baby care.  Being a consultant also allows me to bring in a little extra income (just keeping it real) to help fund homestead projects and supplies.  As always, I appreciate your support and encouragement and this holiday season it is definitely something that I am Thankful for! 

Babywearing is so good for both you and your baby.  It lets you keep your little one close while still getting stuff done around the house or out on the town.  Tulas are top of the line when it comes to carriers.  They come in both standard and toddler sizes, are fully adjustable for mamas and papas of all body types, and come in some beautiful prints and patterns.  The sale is good for both the STANDARD and the TODDLER sizes but only the standard size orders get the free Ju-Ju-Be fuel cell (bottle holder).  Toddler orders have a special attached to them too, a free grab bag of Begin Again toys valued at $35 dollars! Can you say stocking stuffers? 

Now this is an exciting offer.  If you are one of the first 15 orders (over $75) than you’ll receive a free one size (meaning it is adjustable) all-in-one (meaning simply snap on and go) THIRSTIES diaper. Thirsties makes a fantastic all-in-one and the fun black with white trim design is perfect for your little hipster.  

This is only a sneak peak at the Black Friday deals that we have planned.  Make sure to follow our FACEBOOK page to stay updated on all the sales that come out.  

Happy Shopping! 

Camping in Cloth Diapers

This past weekend we took a little family vacation.  We headed up to New York for a camping adventure, and it was great!  Now, I could have left the cloth at home and brought disposables for the weekend.  I know this is pretty common among cloth diapering families on vacation but I wanted to see how cloth diapering on a camping trip really was….turns out it’s just about the same as at home!

As for diapers, we brought along our BumGenius 4.0s, flour sack towels, and Thirsties Hemp Inserts.  We decided to use disposable wipes, though now that I think about it cloth would have worked just fine.  We also used disposable night time diapers since our usual nighttime diapers are a little bit trickier.  

We used the hemp inserts for the long drives and never had a single leak! In fact, we were leak free the whole trip.  We changed her on a typical schedule of every 3 hours, unless it was clear she needed a change before that.  The wipes we tossed in the trash and the diapers we kept stuffed (4.0s are pockets) in our wet dry bags.   We kept one wet bag in the cabin that held our dirty diapers and one in our diaper bag that we would use when we were out and about.  The system worked great! The cabin didn’t smell, the car didn’t smell, you would never had known we had dirty diapers with us.

The first thing I did when we got home was give all the diapers a good rinsing before starting our usual wash routine.  Since BumGenius recommends bleaching once a month, I went ahead and did that as well.  I dried them in the sun to brighten them up (which i usually do anyway) and they look as good as new.

Have you ever been camping with cloth diapers?

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The Ultimate Nighttime Diaper

If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile now than you know that nighttime diapers have been a bit of a sore subject for us.  We have tried many different options and just recently discovered what I like to call “The Ultimate Nighttime Diaper”.

It’s super absorbent without being uncomfortably thick and that is pure magic.  Every other option we’ve tried has either been trim but not absorbent or absorbent but so bulky that no pajama bottoms in the history of pajama bottoms can contain it.

And so without further ado, I give you “The Ultimate Nighttime Diaper”.

The “Ingredients”

1 flour sack towel: I buy these at Target for like $3.50 a 4 pack. They are in with the dish towels and bar mops (whatever those are).  No, they are not made to be a diaper but trust me they work.  They are 100% cotton, thin as paper, and hold so much water (or not water in this case).

1 square of fleece:  These are just strips from an old fleece blanket and look like garbage but they are my little secret.  The fleece pulls moisture away from the edges of the diaper and single handedly saved our cloth diapering journey, seriously.

1 diaper cover:  We like Flips by BumGenius but there are bunch of great companies out there.  Just please, please, don’t use “made in China” diapers or covers.  The U.S. has specific standards that China doesn’t have. The materials used in China made diapers / covers can end up being very dangerous to your child’s health. Please do your research and make sure you know what your diapers are made of!

1 hemp insert:  We use Thirsties Hemp Inserts, but I have heard good things about a few other brands.  Hemp is the key material so make sure that you have hemp as the main fiber.  Hemp is ultra absorbent but without being super bulky.

Putting it all Together:

1.  Fold the flour sack towel in half and in half again.

2. Lay the hemp insert on one side and fold the towel over it (a hemp insert sandwich, if you will)

3.  Put the towel insert sandwich inside the diaper cover.  I love that Flips have the edges that you can tuck inserts into, they really help hold the whole thing together.

4.  Place the fleece square towards the top / center of the diaper

That’s it! This combo has kept Tilly dry and comfortable each night that we have used it.  While it has gotten a good bit heavier during the night she hasn’t had any leaks or weird bunching.

Hope this helps solve your nighttime diaper problems!  What other suggestions might you have?

Cloth By Kailyn

If you’ve taken a look around the blog or our Facebook page than you’ll know that I am pretty much in love with cloth diapers.  Good for baby, good for the environment, good for my wallet its a win-win-win situation and I’m hooked.  I was lucky enough to have some awesome mamas in my life that taught me the ins and outs (hehe) of cloth diapering and since then I’ve been looking for ways to pass it on to others.  And so… I’m excited to announce that I have become a consultant and educator with Squigglybugs.

Yes, cloth diapers are so exciting we throw parties for them (well, about them really).  And not just diapers but also baby-wearing, natural and homeopathic remedies, mama cloth…all kinds of fun stuff.
newbusinesscardYou’ll notice that I said consultant and educator.  That’s because it’s not about making money (though that is a nice bonus) it’s about teaching people natural ways to care for their baby.

When you purchase through my site or through a party that I am hosting you not only get awesome products but you get me! your very own consultant.  I’m available to answer any questions, give demonstrations, and help you troubleshoot…for FREE. Consider me your personal diaper fairy.

Check out the link above to see and learn more about our products (including the top names in cloth diapers and baby carriers) and start asking those questions!