Diaper Parties Black Friday 2014

I love being a consultant and educator for Diaper Parties, it’s an incredible opportunity for me to teach others about cloth diapering, babywearing, and natural baby care.  Being a consultant also allows me to bring in a little extra income (just keeping it real) to help fund homestead projects and supplies.  As always, I appreciate your support and encouragement and this holiday season it is definitely something that I am Thankful for! 

Babywearing is so good for both you and your baby.  It lets you keep your little one close while still getting stuff done around the house or out on the town.  Tulas are top of the line when it comes to carriers.  They come in both standard and toddler sizes, are fully adjustable for mamas and papas of all body types, and come in some beautiful prints and patterns.  The sale is good for both the STANDARD and the TODDLER sizes but only the standard size orders get the free Ju-Ju-Be fuel cell (bottle holder).  Toddler orders have a special attached to them too, a free grab bag of Begin Again toys valued at $35 dollars! Can you say stocking stuffers? 

Now this is an exciting offer.  If you are one of the first 15 orders (over $75) than you’ll receive a free one size (meaning it is adjustable) all-in-one (meaning simply snap on and go) THIRSTIES diaper. Thirsties makes a fantastic all-in-one and the fun black with white trim design is perfect for your little hipster.  

This is only a sneak peak at the Black Friday deals that we have planned.  Make sure to follow our FACEBOOK page to stay updated on all the sales that come out.  

Happy Shopping! 

Hot Cocoa Snowmen Gift Idea

I made these absolutely adorable hot chocolate snowmen for Tilly’s day care teachers.  I figured they would get a kick out of something made from baby food jars, and they could probably use a nice cup of hot chocolate after spending the day in a room full of yelling, pooping, nap-refusing, toddlers…not that my child is like that, she’s a total angel.  

I cleaned and dried 3 baby food jars.  Painted the lid of the first one black, put a little snowman face on it (I used paint pens) and filled it with mini marshmallows.  For the second one, I painted 3 little buttons down the front, painted the cap white, and filled it with hot cocoa mix.  For the third one, I painted the lid white and filled it with crushed up candy canes.  

 I hot glued the three jars together and added a red yarn scarf between the first and second jar.  The only trouble I ran into was making sure that the jars were straight, the glue made it very hard to rearrange once they were put together.  

You could easily use mason jars for this.  They make the small jam jars that would be the perfect size! 

I love giving handmade gifts at Christmas, they just feel more personal to me.   

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Top 10 Things Every Homesteader Needs – Homestead Man

I love me a good top ten list, especially one that makes it easier for me to do my Christmas shopping.  So with that in mind I had Ian came up with the top 10 things a homesteading dude needs.  Here are the things he uses everyday, that make life around here so much easier.  I hope it gives you some Christmas ideas!

1. Flannel Lined Jeans – Rough and tough on the outside, pajamas on the inside…need I say more?
2. Leather work gloves – For wood splitting, brush hauling, tractor fixing, and everything else you can think of
3. Antique tractor – I know what you’re thinking, but apparently antique tractors are like the homestead dudes version of chapstick (you must have one in every flavor)

4. Chainsaw – See the above comments about antique tractors.  Seriously though, the chainsaw is really useful, without it our house would be cold and our yard would still look like a jungle.
5. Hand tools– screw drivers, wrenches, hammers, pry bars, all that good stuff
6. Vest – Not the Mr. Rogers kind, the canvas “work man” kind.  They are warm, have lots of pockets, and make the homestead man look a bit like a logger, if you are into that sort of thing.
7. Boots – Work boots or muck boots or both
8.Multi-Tool – It’s kind of like a pocket knife but with a million other fun things to play with.
9.Tool Box – Got to stay organized and it’s great if you need to grab it quick and head out to fix that antique tractor

10. A Dog – They are, after all, man’s best friend.

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