Mason Jar Snowmen

You might remember that I made SNOWMEN gifts last year for Christmas.  What can I say? I like snowmen.  As a family, we don’t do santa claus and reindeer and elves and all that jazz so I’m partial to snowmen gifts.  They are generic enough that no one will get insulted and cute enough that everyone likes them.  Granted the whole frozen “do you want to build a snowman” thing has taken it to an extreme…confession time: I haven’t seen the movie, and no I don’t want to.  We don’t do DISNEY EITHER.
Have I scared you off yet?  I hope not cause you are going to want to make this craft.  It is easy and cute, what more could you want?

Step 1.  Collect some old mason jar lids.  If you can a lot (like me) than you should have a ton of these laying around.  They can’t be reused as canning jar lids so I am always looking for other ways to use them.  I chose 2 regular lids and 1 large mouth lid to make the snow man a little rounder at the bottom.

Step 2.  Paint both the rings and the lids white.  This will take a couple coats depending on how white you want your snowman.  I wanted them solid white but I think they would have looked very rustic and cool with just a quick whitewash as well.

Step 3.  When the paint is dry, glue the lids to the rings and then the rings to each other, using a glue gun.  At this point I looped a piece of white ribbon through the top ring of the snowman before glueing the lid in place.  This gave me a way to hang it up later.

Step 4.  Decorate your snowman.  You can be as detailed or as simple as you like.  I went with the basic face, buttons, and stick arms.  I used pom-poms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners but you could easily paint the decorations on instead.

See, I told you it was pretty easy.  We’re giving these to Tilly’s day care teachers but I’m tempted to make a few more to hang in our front windows, they are just so cute!