5 things Matilda taught me in her first 5 days

I babysat for years before becoming a camp counselor, teacher and summer camp director.  I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on taking care of kids (and I still feel that way) but, who knew someone so tiny could teach me more in 5 days than any child development class, book or website.  I see a lot more lessons from Matilda in my future.

Sleeping away the day 

1. No 2 babies are alike: Surprise! this little lady may be only a few days old but she definitely has her own personality.  She knows what she likes and what she hates and is making darn sure that we know too.

2. How to nap: I have always said that I can’t nap.  I am (or rather was) the worlds worst sleeper.  That is until I met Matilda.  Now, I can fall  asleep sitting up, in broad day light, in the middle of a conversation with my In-Laws…that may or may not be a true story.

3. The simple things in life really are the best: Who knew eating, napping and a good cuddle were all you really needed to be content? it definitely puts all of our “needs” into perspective.

4. Trust your gut:  Millions (probably billions) of dollars are spent in parenting “how-to” guides and I know it sounds harsh but they don’t really work (no two babies are alike, remember?).   Its science or human nature or whatever you want to call it.  I’m designed to “mother” and so “mother” I will regardless of how many books I may have checked out of the library, mammals have been doing it for years.

5. Baby clothes are overrated:  Matilda is just a little peanut (5.8 pounds) and boy has it been hard to find clothes that fit her.  Instead of going out and spending more money on more baby gear we’ve just made it work with what we have.  She doesn’t really care if we have to roll up the sleeves on her sleeper (she is just going to spit up on it in 10 minutes anyway).   She spends most of her time in a diaper, onesie and blanket, it cuts down on laundry, makes diaper changes easier and she doesn’t mind.

Our new normal

Overall, we have absolutely loved these first days with Matilda.  We may be a bit groggy and our house has definitely been cleaner but we wouldn’t change a thing.  I know that in even a few weeks time we’ll look back on these days and laugh about how little we knew.

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4 thoughts on “5 things Matilda taught me in her first 5 days

  1. Aww, she's lovely!

    I always tell new moms that they should read up on whatever it is they are wanting more info on (sleep schedules, breastfeeding, etc.) and then use that as more of a guide than a rule. Keep what works, throw out what doesn't and know that in a couple months, the baby is gonna flip the script on you and you'll be back to square one! 🙂

    Sound's like you've got a good grasp on what you need to do! 🙂


  2. Such a wonderful 'new normal'! What joy! Ok, and I have to tell you the doggie looks JUST like our Oreo. I mean spots on the legs and everything. He was given to us on the farm by a friend in a small country town that couldn't keep him. What type dog is yours? Because we have no idea what Oreo is!


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