Solar Heating

It was a very long winter here and we are just now starting to see springtime weather. Like the majority of people in our area, our firewood supply has dwindled and we’ve had to get more and more creative with how we heat the house.

One way that we have been keeping our house warm and saving our limited supply of wood is to use the sun.  On sunny days, Ian will open the curtains at the front of the house when he gets home from work at 6:30am.  As the sun moves, different curtains and blinds are opened to warm different parts of the house.  The curtains are closed once the sun moves on to keep as much heat as possible in.

Fenway hits the driveway to soak up some sun

Monday, when I came home from work at 5:30 it was still 68 in the house even though there had been no “heat” on all day.  Most days we have been able to put off lighting the stove until Ian gets ready to go to work at Midnight.  He’ll get the fire started and stock the stove before he leaves.  It will burn the rest of the night keeping Tilly and I cozy.  By the time he is back in the morning the fire has burnt down and the sun is ready to take over.

Its been great knowing that we are able to avoid using oil and have managed to get by with only a little bit of fire wood.

What do you do to keep your house warm?
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2 thoughts on “Solar Heating

  1. We also have a wood burning stove, and went through our wood pile this winter! We have more wood, it just needs to be chopped. I always open the curtains throughout the house as the sun hits them too, to bring in some of that heat! Since we live at a high elevation, the sun can be intense! I also try to time baking and keeping the oven on when it will keep the house warm as well!


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