The Leaky Diaper Blues

If you follow us on Facebook than you know that for awhile we were having some pretty serious diaper issues.  My tiny, little girl is apparently a force to be reckoned with and our diapers just couldn’t keep up.  


It went like this, bed time would roll around and Tilly would get good and fussy.  A fresh “night time strength” diaper would go on, followed by PJs, some snuggly nursing time, and then bed.  Doesn’t sound too bad right? but wait for it…
1:00 am would roll around and we’d awaken to a crying baby and a wet EVERYTHING. Diaper, PJs, crib sheet, the works.  This went on for months.  We tried every combination and suggestion we could find and still we were wet, literally on nights when she was extra fussy and co-sleeping.  
Honestly we tried everything, including…
“Night time” cloth diapers, “Night time” disposable diapers, Backwards disposable diapers (She leaks out the top, the back was supposed to come up high enough to prevent that), Hemp inserts, wool soakers, waterproof covers over the disposable diaper…EVERYTHING
And then my amazing cousin (and her equally as amazing family) came to visit.  And SOLVED our leaky diaper problems! 


A square of fleece folded up on the front of the diaper was all it took to keep Tilly (and everything she owns) dry all night long.  Fleece is a wicking material so the square at the top of the diaper pulls moisture down into the core of the diaper, instead of out the top.  
Seriously, That tiny piece of fleece solved one BIG, wet, stinky problem.  

4 thoughts on “The Leaky Diaper Blues

  1. we have a huge baby. she is not even 11 months old and started wearing size 2 at 9 months old. she is 25lbs and has been for awhile now and the pees and poops went with her size.
    We were having the same problem and I just bought new diapers (capri cover from blueberry with prefolds I LOVE them, I've tried about 10 different kinds and I have yet to have a pee or poop blowout from them. I prefer the snap as I find the velcro wears with washes (and it being the second baby)

    good luck with your leaky diapers!


  2. My baby's legs are so skinny that he leaks really bad from the Bum Genius diapers. I bought Lotus Bumz and Jungle Roos from Zulilly for half price and this solved the blowout problem. We also switched from only using 1 microterry insert to adding a thin hempfleece. Two microfibers caused a lot of bulk and gapping.

    We use Huggies at nighttime though since I haven't had the courage to try these at night yet.


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